CFUW hosts renown Inuit art expert at Southampton Gallery
by Sandy Lindsay

October 16, 2016

Women Today

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Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) filled the Southampton Art Gallery to hear speaker Heather Beecroft

Heather Beecroft brought her passion for northern art to Southampton's Art Gallery as a guest of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) on October 12th.
Beecroft models a beautifully crafted Inuit vest

Beecroft is the Inuit Art Consultant at the Macdonald Steart ARt Centre (MSAC) at the University of Guelph and, at the recent lecture at the Southampton Art Gallery, she brought with her many examples of the exquisite creative talents of northern Inuit artists.

A past-President of the Women's Art Association of Canada, Beecroft is widely respected for her work with Inuit and indigenous artists.  She specializes in art marketing and, specifically, Inuit art.

In addition to art of the north, Beecroft also takes an interest in educating people about the north and its culture.

"Housing is extremely poor in the north," said Beecroft, "and food prices are exorbitant.  A bag of flour for instance costs $49.  Also, climate change has had a huge bearing on food sources such as caribou which now has a moratorium on hunting them because they are in decline."

She also explained that children very much want an education.  "There has long been talk in the north that they want a northern university. Unfortunately, health is also an issue as doctors and nurses simply do not want to live in the north for any length of time.:

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Beecroft added however, that there are several artists in the various northern communities and the "really great ones" are readily recognized and each artist is paid or can charge accordingly.

Lorraine Boucher (L) thanks Beecroft for her informative talk

Also, according to Beecroft, there are many corporations today, such as Dow Chemical, that are purchasing Inuit art collections.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016