Home of the Hawks a little school with big spirit
by Sandy Lindsay




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Principal Dan Russell leads a 'spirit' assembly

The artists display a new vision for classroom doors

When it comes to school 'spirit', G. C. Huston Public in Southampton is leaping ahead.

Each 'spirit' assembly is always full of surprises and Friday, November 4th, was no exception.

With many students at the school coming from an indigenous culture, a key part of learning for all students has become the 'Seven Grandfather Teachings' of the Ojibwa First Nation ... respect, wisdom, love, bravery, honesty, humility and truth.

Not only are the students learning about each of the teachings but they are taking each of them even further.  The students are creating pieces of art around each teaching and, each month, a  classroom door will become a work of art.

Principal Dan Russell is excited for the first unveiling ...

The first art creation is based on the first Grandfather teaching ... minaadendmowin or respect, with symbols of the turtle and deer.

The young artists were also told that they are also going to spend a week at Saugeen District Secondary School working with two acclaimed artists.

The next surprise at the assembly was the reveal of a new school song about the school colours ... blue and gold.


Principal Dan Russell and teacher, Enid Johnston get the students energized

Then, it was time for a fashion show of new school jerseys, T-shirts, hoodies and ball caps in G. C. Huston blue and gold colours modeled by students.

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School Fashions

Hats that can worn every which way

Fashion for all ages

When it comes to school spirit, G. C. Huston has it in spades!

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