Environmental Bill of Rights

October 31, 2016

From Queen's Park

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"It is shameful that the Minister for Environment and Climate Change is still failing to keep Ontarians informed about the environmental issues that affect them, and he needs to take immediate action to address the seven-year backlog of outstanding decisions and comments that should have been posted to Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights registry (EBR) back in 2009", says PC Critic for Environment and Cap-and-Trade Lisa Thompson.

MPP Lisa Thompson

Following up on the Environment Commissioner's (ECO) annual report, which was released last week, Thompson questioned the Environment Minister today about his ministry's failure to post decisions and comments to Ontario's (EBR) in a timely manner.  

"Everything from raw sewage to unresolved noise complaints over Industrial Wind Turbines has been ignored by this government," said Thompson. "It points to a disturbing pattern by the Liberal's to ignore the safety and environmental rights of Ontarians."     

The ECO also raised concerns about the timeliness of the MOECC to post decisions and supporting documentation to the EBR back in June when she issued her EBR Report Card. In it, she found that there were 686 outdated notices, and six applications overdue for review related to environmentally significant laws, policies or regulations.  

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Despite a call from Thompson for the MOECC to commit to a timeline to post the backlog of decisions and comments to the EBR however, the Minister refused to provide a deadline.

"It's absolutely shameful that this government still hasn't taken steps to remedy the situation that they have been well aware of for some time," says Thompson. "Ontarians rely on the EBR to keep them informed of issues in their communities that may impact their quality of life. It is unreasonable for this Minister to continue to ignore the need for real progress - this government's poor performance has gone on for too long. The Minister has a responsibility to address these outstanding issues immediately."

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Monday, October 31, 2016