Computer scam 'Zeus' making the rounds

October 31, 2016

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October 24 - 30, 2016
Weekly Incidents 108

October 24:

1:51 pm police responded to a threatening complaint. Investigation revealed that a 32 year old Saugeen Shores male threatened death to a Saugeen Shores resident. The male was arrested for Uttering Threats and Breach of Probation on the 25th of October and held for a bail hearing.

October 26:

5:46 pm Saugeen Shores located a vehicle in the Maple Square Mall parking lot. The vehicle had been stolen from Saugeen Reserve.

October 27:

12:35 pm police responded to a single vehicle collision at Bartley SR and Salmon SR. A driver lost control and struck a tree, no injuries.

October 28:

1:36 pm police responded to a report of a resident cutting down trees that were not located on that person’s property. The person stopped. On occasion police are called to circumstances like this one or where a person living near the lake will cut down trees not on their property to get a better view of the lake. This action is Mischief and you could be charged criminally for doing so.

8:09 pm, police received a call from a person who reported their computer may have a virus called “Zeus” While on the computer the screen went black and a message appeared indicating the computer was infected and a number they should call. Once called the person on the line offered a discount for seniors so the person provided a Visa number. The Royal Bank stopped the transaction right away as they were aware of the scam. The complainant is not out any money. They were advised to power down the computer and take it to a local computer shop and explain the issue.

11:39 pm police conducted a traffic stop in Port Elgin. Three occupants of the vehicle were checked. One of the males was on release conditions not to be with one of the female occupants. The female occupant was found to be on conditions of a curfew and was violating that condition. Upon searching the male under arrest a small baggie of Methamphetamine was located. Upon searching the females purse police located four needles and two baggies and a small amount of methamphetamine. The 55 year old male party from Waterloo was released on charges of possession of methamphetamine and charged with open liquor in the vehicle. The 30 year old female from Hanover was charged with possession of methamphetamine and breaching her curfew hours. She was held for a bail hearing.

October 29:

1:30 am, police responded to the area of Louis St to a report of people going door to door knocking. Police located a couple bicycles in the area of the last residence to be disturbed. The bicycles were taken to the station. Not long after a person reported his bicycle stolen and it was already recovered at the office.

2:29 am police responded to a downtown Port Elgin bar to a report that an intoxicated person was about to drive away. Staff prevented the driver from leaving and the person was arrested for public intoxication upon police arrival.

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October 30:

1:32 pm, sometime overnight a tire was punctured while parked in an Arlington St parking lot.

3:54 pm police responded to County Rd #3 and Bartley SR to a single vehicle rollover. A driver lost control of his vehicle and rolled several times down the embankment near the Saugeen River. Police fire and EMS attended and removed the male from the vehicle. The Hamilton male was airlifted to London Health Sciences with head injuries.

5:18 pm, police responded to a serious motor vehicle collision on County Rd #3 and County Rd # 40. Saugeen Shores Police, fire and ambulance assisted OPP with this collision.

9:21 pm, police responded to a break and enter to a residence on Ivings Drive. This matter is under investigation to determine what may have been stolen and the method of entry.

We still receive complaints of the CRA scam in our community. Lately faxes are being sent indicating CRA has an Interac transfer of $521.51 to give to you and directs you to a website to deposit the money. As always, delete, shred, erase any correspondence of this nature that your get. They are only after your banking information and have nothing to give you.

Over the last week we have had three car vs deer collisions. It is that time of year that the deer are on the move. Drive carefully, and remember where there is one deer there are more.

 It is Halloween, make sure your children are supervised and wear bright or reflective clothing. Keep an eye on them and at the end of the evening please have a check of the candy they acquired. If you have to drive during that time please drive carefully, the light is poor and kids may be running around. It looks like the first Halloween in a long time that is not raining or snowing so there may be many kids about. Be careful, be safe.

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Monday, October 31, 2016