Pathfinders learn to help others
by Sandy Lindsay

November 4, 2016

Service Clubs

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Tori Verburg, Maggie Corkin, Eleanor Smith, Rachel Schuster,   and Guider,Sandi Dewar
(Absent: Meghan Dewar, Maddie Mensher and Charisma Hutchinson)

The 1st Saugeen Shores Pathfinders make many milk bag mats as part of their service work to earn their Canada Cord.


The girls divide into teams that each have a task.   Some help to sort, flatten and cut the bags into strips for making the chains while others then create the 'chains' used in weaving so that others can make the mats.

Sandi Dewar cuts bags into strips

The girls enjoy making milk-bag mats knowing that they are having a positive impact by keeping plastic waste bags out of the landfill while also helping people during natural disasters around the world.

Weaving is made easier using special frames

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Pathfinders meet at Southampton Rotary Hall (Grey St., Southampton) on Thursday evenings from  6:30 to 8:30 pm. For more information Contact Sandi Dewar at 832-3418.

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