Bullying and Awareness Prevention
by Sandy Lindsay



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To coincide with Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, that has been taking place from November 20th – 26th, a number of interactive and engaging learning initiatives that support student and staff well-being are underway in Bluewater District School Board.

 Designated by the Province of Ontario, Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week is an annual occasion where school communities, including students, parents/guardians, staff and other stakeholders, are encouraged to join together to learn about the impact of bullying in its many forms, and to promote safe and accepting school environments.

Bluewater District School Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan includes the following strategic priority and supporting goals:

Ensure the well-being of students and staff in a safe supportive environment for teaching, learning and working

  • Provide a safe and supportive work environment that values and recognizes the personal strengths, professional contributions, and personal well-being of staff

  • Create conditions where students, staff, and parents/caregivers are comfortable and confident in seeking help and responding to student mental health and emotional well-being

Some of this year’s planned school activities in Bluewater District School Board during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week include: daily announcements and hall displays containing positive messages, book readings on friendship and bullying by junior students to their primary peers, a ‘pink shirt day’ for students and staff to demonstrate anti-bullying solidarity, and the use of a variety of themed resources and videos in multiple grade levels.

There are many other examples of bullying awareness and prevention efforts in Bluewater District School Board that continue to occur throughout the year.

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Recent participation by schools in the first ever Treaties Recognition Week (November 6 – 12, 2016) included activities and presentations related to acceptance and inclusivity. At Peninsula Shores District School in Wiarton, some students will soon participate in the two-day Social Changemakers Leadership Program (SCLP) supported by the Ministry of Education, which focuses on safety, equity and inclusivity in schools and communities. All elementary schools will also be receiving “Social Justice Begins With Me” resource kits developed by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO). The kits feature monthly themes for schools to explore, such as ‘self-esteem’, ‘building supportive communities’, and ‘local and global citizenship’.

“All year-round, our students and staff are champions in supporting a number of initiatives that promote positive school cultures, mental wellness, and success for all. Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week is yet another opportunity for us to highlight and expand upon these efforts,” says Superintendent of Education Lori Wilder.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016