November 8, 2016

Decorating Trend Tips by Carla

With today's architectural styles leading to more open concept style living, kitchens more often than not feature a counter/bar that separates them from living spaces.

While this style of open concept is more in keeping with today's active families, choosing the right seating for a counter can be a challenge.

If seating/stool is too high, there is the problem that those seated are often 'hunched' over the counter but, if too low, shorter people can also have a problem.  Therefore, the distance from seat to the countertop is important.

The general rule of thumb is that ... the distance from seat to countertop should be 11 inches for maximum comfort for all.

So, let's start by looking at heights.  For instance, if your countertop is 42 inches high then stools need to be 31 inches tall .  Another example is if your counter is 36 inches high, then choose a stool that is 25 inches tall.

Once height has been decided, it's time to think about spacing.

Stools should be farther apart than actual dining chairs at a table.  General rule of thumb?  Space stools approximately 28th inches from the centre of one to the centre of the next.  Therefore, to determine the number of stools you'll need, measure the length of your counter/breakfast bar and then divided by 28.

Once height and spacing are determined, it then comes down to style.

Today, stools come in a wide variety, from very plain and backless to ultra-modern or traditional.  While some of the newer backless trends may appear sleeker and less bulky, if the counter is to be used for regular eating, then a stool with a backrest is far more comfortable. Also, if there are youngsters in the family, then perhaps an adjustable stool might be the answer and, if space is an issue, swivel stools work well.

Footrests also play a key role for comfort.  If you  need a style that is versatile for every led length, then choose a style with two foot rests/rungs.  It is very uncomfortable for a shorter person to sit on a stool and have their feet dangling because they can't reach a low foot rest.

With technical details out of the way, it then comes down to style, colour, materials, etc.  and that's where an interior designer can help.

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