Rescue service responds quickly
by Sandy Lindsay

November 9, 2016

Fire Service

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Saugeen Shores Fire Rescue launches the Zodiac on the Saugeen River ...

... and heads toward the river mouth

Saugeen Shores Fire Rescue received an emergency call on Tuesday about a possible boat turned over on Lake Huron between Southampton and Chantry Island.

It didn't take the Rescue service long to go into action and in a matter of minutes the Zodiac rescue craft was launched with Fire Chief Phil Eagleson at the controls.

While they headed out to Lake Huron, Saugeen Shores Police were at Gerry's Fries on Beach Rd. with the resident who had called in the incident.

What they finally discovered was that the overturned boat/kayak was in actuality a large driftwood log that, from a distance, looked like a water craft turned over.

The resident was filled with remorse at putting in a call that turned out to be a false alarm but Police and Fire personnel assured her that it was always best to call ... "It is far better to be safe than sorry" said police.

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