Light the Way begins
by Sandy Lindsay

November 14, 2016


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Everyone joins the Chantry Singers in a holiday song

 Faith Life Chapter (Faith Lutheran Church) kicks off the campaign with donation of $2,442
(L-R) Sue Dunlop, Harvey Weppler, Erin Zorzi, Carol Mackowski, Jonna Ebel, Kacie Pusztay, Mary McCallum and Jim Barbour

It's time to 'Light the Way' for Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation as it looks at this year's expenses for medical equipment.

With the government providing little to no funding for medical equipment, it falls on the community to help ensure that it has the health care and medical standards it requires when it comes to equipment needs.

This year's 'Star Wars' theme encourages everyone to 'reach for the stars' when it comes to campaign funding.

Also, for the first time in Saugeen Shores on December 15th, a radiothon will be held thanks to a partnership between Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation and Bayshore's  98theBeach radio.

John Divinski

Honourary Campaign Chair, Bayshore's John Divinski, says that everyone will be welcome to come into the station that day, donate and be recognized 'on air'.

For those unable to make it into the station or to donate all throughout the campaign, donors can also DONATE ON-LINE

Sally Kidson, Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation's Executive Director, introduced six-year-old 'William' who has a congenital heart defect and who uses Southampton Hospital resources on a regular basis. 

Sally Kidson (a.k.a. Princess Leia)

Kidson pointed out that this year's campaign funding, "Will go toward new beds, new patient monitoring equipment, laser equipment for cataract surgery, software for increased communication between doctors, the 'Humphrey' digital field analyzer for vision and an ultra-sound processing unit.  All these items add up to $154,000 ... our goal for the campaign and every dollar raised this year is critical."

Jonna Ebel, Hospital Foundation Chair, added that, "Each year, we have to raise four to five hundred thousand dollars to meet the annual needs of the hospital."

Jonna Ebel

Honourary Chair, John Divinski, explained that being Honourary Chair is a first for the hospital and for him.  "I only have to think of the visits I have made here (hospital) on an emergency and non-emergency basis and the doctors and equipment that were here to realize we have a number one facility here with top-notch equipment.  But equipment gets old, technology moves on  and that's why we have the 'Light the Way' campaign where we are trying to raise $150,000.  It's a lot of money and donations are vital."

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William and Dad, Traverse, were at the tree lighting

Divinski encourages everyone in the community to talk about the campaign.  "Every donation is like a Christmas gift to themselves, their families, their friends and their community.  One day, you may need the hospital.  I am sure you would want the best of equipment to go with the top-notch medical care that is here."

Divinski leads young 'jedis' in a 'Light the Way' chant

Later that evening, a presentation was also made to Saugeen Shores Council along with a challenge by Divinski to all Councilors to "... talk up the campaign".

Sally Kidson hands out 'Star Wars Light Sabers' to the Councilors

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