Saugeen Shores Police release survey results
by Sandy Lindsay

November 10, 2016

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Saugeen Shores has released the results of its recent survey and, according to Police Chief Dan Rivett, the number of respondents increased by more than 100 over the last survey three years ago.

Many issues in the survey were covered ranging from peoples' views on subjects such as 'Responding promptly to calls', 'Community Relations', 'Providing a visible Presence' to 'Enforcing the Law' and 'Helping Victims of Crime'.

It appears from the survey that residents of Saugeen Shores have rated their local Police Service as 'Good' when it comes Community Relations and Providing a Visible Presence as well as Enforcing the Law.

It is also evident that most people think crime in the Province of Ontario has increased and, in Saugeen Shores, it has remained the same or increased.

Saugeen Shores respondents also rated their safety at home, in the downtown areas, at school and in parks, trails or beaches as 'very to reasonably safe'

While people feel their community is very safe, it appears that most people would not be willing to help ensure that safety when it comes to 'Community Watch'. Of the respondents who answered the question ... "Would you be willing to participate with your neighbours in our Community Watch program?", an overwhelming 86.53 per cent said "No".

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Of the more than 400 respondents to the question ... "Is it important to you that the Saugeen Shores Police Service continue to police our community rather than another police service?" ... the response was heavily in favour at almost 73 per cent saying it was important to have local policing as compared to 27 per cent who were willing to consider another source of policing.

Respondents also said that the local Police Service officers are courteous, professional and show concern over individual issues.

Police Chief Dan Rivett said that he was pleased with the results and that participation in the survey helps police prepare their 2017-2019 Strategic/Business Plan.  "Participation in this survey will go a long way to assist the Committee in planning and shaping your  police service."

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Thursday, November 10, 2016