'Shop with a Cop' - learning to shop 'n' give
by Sandy Lindsay

December 7, 2016



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'Shop with a Cop' Christmas 'Foodraiser' for the Food Bank

Optimist and TD Bank Manager, Tim Edgar, sets out recommendations for foods to be collected

(L-R) Police Chief Dan Rivett, Food Bank Director Ed Giles, Scott Rowland owner of Independent Grocer and Sgt. Kevin Zettel watch as the teams 'take off'

And off they go!
Could this be considered 'speeding'?

It's that time of year again when Christmas is just around the corner and, in Saugeen Shores, it means it's time for the local Police Service to hold 'Shop with a Cop'.

On Wednesday, December 7th (2016), Rowland's Independent Grocer in Port Elgin hosted the annual 'foodraiser' event for the local Food Bank Christmas needs.

Chief Dan Rivett comes out to the event each year to meet the students

Two grade six students, from each of the four local elementary schools, teamed up with a Saugeen Shores Police officer to show off their shopping skills.  Each team had to spend $100 in food stuffs that could be used by the Food Bank and the team that came closes, without exceeding the total, won.

Scott Rowland owner of Independent explains pricing to the students

The teams
Saugeen Central
Coby Graham & Olivea Pope with officer Chantel Primeau
G.C. Huston
Maddy Sheehan & Mya Falesy with Const. (ret'd) Doug Lein
St. Joseph's
Nick Meleskie & Abby Pilger with officer Matt Mulholland
Curtis Metcalf & Braden Warnell with officer Shawn Paulitzky

Armed with calculators, clipboards and flyers, the teams set out to fill their carts with healthy, non-perishable goods ... thanks to the younger shoppers, some treats were also picked out for young members of families in need.

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The team sets out

Const. Shawn Paulitzki, Northport student Braden Warnell & Optimist Ross Reid

It's a fun event but one that also teaches the young students valuable skills - how to shop, how to choose nutritious foods, how to use math skills and ... how to give back.  It also teaches them that the police are their 'friends'.

The Winning Team!

Northport Public School

(L) Curtis Metcalf, Const. Shawn Paulitzki and Braden Warnell


Thanks to Scott Rowland and Rowland's Independent Grocer, each of the school's cart filled with groceries went to the Food Bank and the winning team from Northport also received an additional $100 gift card for the Food Bank.

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