True love wins out
by Sandy Lindsay

December 2, 2016


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When Maurice Rainville was a young man, he lived in  Deep River and worked at the Chalk River nuclear site.

One night his roommate suggested they go to a dance at the community hall.  "I didn't know how to dance, so I said no," explains Maurice.  "My roommate however kept insisting so finally I said ... ok, I'll go for a little while."

The two young men set off for the hall and upon entering, Maurice spied a young girl.  Not knowing how to dance, he nevertheless went over to her and said, "Will you save me a dance?" 

The young girl, Irene, looked up at him and said, "This IS our dance."

One thing lead to another and the couple became engaged. 

Unfortunately, however, there were differences.  Irene was a young Presbyterian girl raised in Victoria, B.C. while Maurice was a young French Canadian Catholic raised in northern Ontario. Irene had one sister, Maurice was one of nine siblings.

Irene's parents did not want them to marry but, young love being what it is, the couple went ahead.  They were married in April at the Rainville home in Bonfield on the Mattawa River in northeastern Ontario, surrounded by the large extended family of Maurice.

The couple lived and worked in Deep River and retired from the nuclear site and have recently taken up residence at Kingsway Arms of Elgin Lodge in Port Elgin.

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"Both our son and daughter live here in Saugeen Shores," says Irene, "and wanted wanted to be closer.  Although we loved Deep River, it became too far and isolated for us to see family."

From being a self-proclaimed non-dancer, Maurice went on to take ballroom dancing and the couple also square-danced.  Today, at Kingsway Arms' events, the Rainvilles are often seen waltzing.

In April, Irene and Maurice will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary and will undoubtedly be dancing to the Anniversary Waltz.

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