Southampton woman left with no choice but to ask for help
by Sandy Lindsay

December 11, 2016


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Asking for help can sometimes be the hardest thing to do, but sometimes there is no choice.

An avid reader of Saugeen Times told us about Natasha Robinson of Southampton and asked if we could help.  Natasha is in the proverbial 'canoe without a paddle' and finding it difficult to navigate the rough waters that cancer has brought her way.

The following is part of her story as posted on 'gofundme'

"I'm 43 years old, I live in the small town of Southampton Ontario a proud part of Saugeen Shores. Almost 5 years ago now my life completely changed. I went from being a stay at home step mom of 10 years to being alone and out in the work force again facing a whole new path ... Little did I know how new. I ended up finding my new employment path as a local night shift taxi driver for Saugeen Shores Taxi and have been doing it ever since.  3 years ago I had to under go an emergency hysterectomy due to 2 large tumours one on each ovary and my uterus was destroyed by endometriosis...I was lucky and we caught it before any treatment was needed and had everything removed leaving me out of work for 12 weeks. I muddled through and was able to hold my head above the bills barely. This past June, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent a lumpectomy and had one lymph node removed. I had my first chemo treatment last Tuesday and have another six rounds to go before starting radiation in London, Ontario. As I'm considered an independent contractor I do not qualify for any government assistance other then what is covered by Ohip, and I am so thankful we have such an amazing Heath care system and that my treatments are covered. Unfortunately that doesn't help for my cost of living ...

The funds being raised will be used for transportation costs, rent, food, everyday needs, and of course anything related to treatment and costs for staying in London etc. I am doing this on my own as I am the one asking for help and am in need. I have been without income since my lumpectomy July 5th 2016. I have exhausted all my own resources and am slowly falling behind in my bills.  So any funds are needed and appreciated as soon as possible. I am not one to do this sort of thing but I have no choice and no other options. "

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Well one more round of chemo to go then I start my herceptin Dec. 21 which happens every three weeks for 9 months. Radiation to start next month and my fight continues.

A few months ago I never thought this point would get here ... it's been such a life changing journey. Mentally...physically...emotionally and everything in between. I am so grateful for everyone who has opened their hearts and wallets to help me get this far with no government assistance. I still have a long way to go and pray that something happens to make it financially easier for me. I love u all and appreciate every single donation that comes in."

Live for today ... hope for tomorrow!

To help Natasha through her fight


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Sunday, December 11, 2016