Readers upset with Council decision for splash pad location

December 13, 2016


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To the Editor:

How come the record of which councilors supported the splash pad location isnít mentioned in the report? 

The voting record is included in the Policing report. 

 This information is required by all citizens in case any current councilors who supported the location foolishly intend to run again in the next election!

Roger Nerney.

Editor's Note:

Our apology. You are, of course, quite right and it was an oversight.  Those on Council who opposed the North Shore location of the proposed Port Elgin Splash Pad were: Councilors Cheryl Grace and Don Matheson and Vice-Deputy Mayor Diane Huber


To the Editor: (an open letter to Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority [SVCA] )

Joanne; your support, without environmental assessment for Port Elgin's Splash Pad, is very personally disappointing to me--a loss of precious natural woods with trails and a stream running by where I would have a lunch or read a book. 

You have lowered the bar in my view--not that this letter makes any difference.  As a conservationist, you have gone against your principles, something that cannot be forgotten.  

The consultant said "the park was tired".  How can nature and beautiful water views and sounds and seasonal changes ever be tired?

 In my view, you succumbed to municipal wrong-headedness and it is a loss along our waterfront that is not reversible ... when many alternatives, such as how Southampton approached their Pioneer Park, exist. Please remove me from SVCA email lists.

Gord Boyd



To the Editor:

I adore the peace and serenity  North Shore Park.  I also adore the sights and sounds of children at play. 

 I am although most astonished, that ďweĒ the community would ever consider disturbing this beautiful site.  I agree very strongly, that there are many other options.

This article is the most sensible thing that I have read in regards to this most sensitive matter, and it is just that!!

I urge the people of our community to really think long and hard.

Donna Bayes

Another Concerned Saugeen Shores Resident

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To the Editor:

Extreme thanks to David Hiller for being "our voice".

Glenna Snider

Port Elgin


To the Editor:

HOW could this council approve North Shore Park for the splash pad location!!!!!   I am so mad about that!!!! 

I LOVE North Shore Park!! 

I wonít even be taking my son to that splash pad because a) I donít think they are safe at all and b) this location isnít safe at all either!!!!!!  Get enough kids there and you lose sight of your kid for a second and they could be gone  ... towards the road, the lake, the harbour ANYWHERE!!

Young mom

Port Elgin

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016