Splash Pad issue continues

December 14, 2016


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To the Editor:

I watched the recent council meeting online. I have to applaud the three council members, Huber, Grace and Matheson, who represent the Southampton ward. They showed their moxie by voting against the location and explaining why.

Councilor Rich said that he was uncomfortable with the division of the residents for and against the proposal, however, he still voted in favour. In an interview after the meeting,  when questioned as to who made the final selection of the location, he said that he was not sure. Prior to voting there were no comments made by the remaining members of council.                

Reading through the related correspondence on www.saugeentimes.com, there were in excess of 1700 resident taxpayers who voted against the proposed location. It should be noted that, with the exception of Councilor Rich, this is more than the total votes received by any of the other councilors in the most recent municipal election.

It appears that some council members had made a commitment to the Lions Club that the splash pad would be installed somewhere in time for summer. Even with the plurality of criticism shown regarding the location ,they still voted for their choice. Smells like a set up.  

Allan Murray


To the Editor:

Here are facts you may know but I did not as I looked further into this very bad decision (splash pad location) for Town:

1.) Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority not asked by Town to comment.  Geoff Peach not asked to comment.

2.) Waterfront AdHoc Committee (WAC) not asked for a vote of support. ( This in spite it is waterfront and WAC are stewards of Waterfront Master Plan ---previous Council 100% approval in 2013 and it says Parks to be protected! )

3.) WAC now instructed to not make decisions on another Waterfront Master Plan issue of authentic storytelling with a deputation on our fishing past to be made at their December 20th meeting.

Gord Boyd. 


To the Editor:

I'm against the splash pad location.  All I can think about is our pool - never mind splash pads.  Put some money into  our pool.  It's there and in need of repair - fix it.

 Ann Thain.

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To the Editor:

So this is DEMOCRACY in action?  Diane Huber is correct - there should be an archeological assessment.

Hopefully, the First Nations will take some action to help preserve this gem. (North Shore Park)

Port Elgin residents will be more affected but all of us will lose a heritage site and so few are left. Bitterness will prevail as it is not right.

The claim that there is parking? Who are they kidding? Very disappointing to realize our council really does not listen to the people who voted for them.

Anne Holman.  


 To the Editor:

I have lived near North Shore Park. Was consideration taking into the facts that the temperate is usually always cooler, how much sun will the splash pad get? Shortsightedness!

 I'm really disappointed in our local council.  I'm sure there are locations much better suited.  

Thank you David Hiller for the great letter.

Pat Galivan.


To the Editor:

I donít believe the matter has been fully concluded yet .

Margo Swaters Hiller

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016