Splash Pad issue continues

December 15, 2016


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To the Editor:

I live in the North Shore Park area and it has become a regular part of my son's childhood.  It has become a place where my son and his grandfather can bond over their regular routine of activities.  First stop is the playground where my Dad will push my son on the swing set, then they go to the stream and throw small twigs and leaves to watch float under the bridge, third they go to the rock beach and learn to skip rocks and lastly they walk the bike path the long way home.  Every once in a while they will invite the rest of us to join and it has become an amazing family experience for all of us.  

Now let me tell you what isn't amazing; the playground portion is a short trip because the swing set is really the only thing my son wants to do, the only slide is so tiny that he finds more interest in climbing up it than going down, his infant sister is too young to join him on the teeter tooter - the same teeter tooter that my neighbour's grandson broke his foot on last year because there are no tires under the seats, and the one spring rocking horse is broken.  

The parking along Stevens street when there is an event at the picnic area or at the boat launch is atrocious to the point where it becomes unsafe for us to even make it to the park from the Arthur/Acton/Fenton area.  

The trees are dilapidated and dying making it sometimes sad to walk through - I'd much rather see lush trees in the middle of summer while going through a natural park.

And lastly, there is rarely anyone for us to meet on the way because it just isn't used that much.  I would love to meet other parents in the area that we live, I would love for my son to meet new friends, and he would love to see more people out walking their dogs or just out for a stroll to give the park some life.  

So, based on the information provided by the town, I strongly believe the splash pad is only going to improve on every single aspect of my son's experience with his grandfather:

1.  A splash pad is just a playground with water features which means more play equipment for my son to play - the addition of wearing a bathing suit to the park will just become part of the routine.  

2.  Traffic investigations have NOW been conducted because of the splash pad and long term parking solutions are already underway to fix a problem that has existed for years.  

3.  Because the splash pad construction will be cutting down 4 dilapidated trees they are going to plant new, younger trees that will help increase that lush natural park that we all can appreciate.  In addition, they will be planting more shrubs and bushes to act as a natural barrier between the splash pad and the rail road tracks.  

4.  More equipment and another attraction to North Shore Park means more use out of the park.  More use out of North Shore Park means more town involvement including fixing equipment and planting more trees.

I'm so excited to see that this park is going to get more attention and more TLC from the town and I will no longer have concern about broken play equipment, dying landscape and crowded streets.  

Thank you to the town for answering all of our questions and concerns!  

Melissa Fedorchuk

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To the Editor:

Splash pad: Totally wrong - this sounds more like a K. Wynne decision.

Harry Allin.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016