Chief of Police announces retirement for 2017
by Sandy Lindsay

December 6, 2016

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"It's always been my belief that a police chief should only stay on for 10 years and then make room for someone new at the helm," says Saugeen Shores Police Chief Dan Rivett, "next year will be year 11 for me and I've decided it's time."

Chief Dan Rivett

Rivett recently advised his officers, Council and the Police Services Board of his intention to retire for family reasons.

"My wife Glenna and I talked it over and we decided that we want to be closer to our children and grandchildren," said Rivett, "and they all live in the Ottawa area, so that's where we'll be heading at the end of next year, but I wanted to give the Town enough time to decide what they want to do, whether it's find a replacement or promote from within because we have the skill set right here."

Rivett, who has been in the news of late as he again raised the issue of the need for a new police service building said that he feels Council will do the right thing in the end for the service and the community.

 "I have made my views very clear on the need for a new building for nine years," says Rivett. "The current building is not only completely inadequate, it is unsafe and unhealthy. Also, as evidenced by all the development taking place in town, the community is expected to grow and it will mean that the need for more policing will undoubtedly continue to grow with it.  As it stands now, the building we are in cannot even meet the needs of our officers and the community today, let alone in the future."

The other concern that has been raised by a minority of voices in the community, is the option of looking at OPP servicing the community.

"Again, I am confident that the community wants local policing as indicated by the recent survey that was done showing that 72 percent support a local service.  This force is, in fact, recognized in police circles throughout the province as being one of the best.  People may not realize it but these officers have been hand-picked from various centres that include Toronto, Halton, Peel, Hamilton, Waterloo, Guelph and Woodstock.  They have a cross-section of talents to meet the needs of the community and what's more they are dedicated to the community in which they live and have chosen to raise their families."

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"These officers want to be here, unlike the OPP integrated model where they have to go where they are sent.  Under an integrated model, Saugeen Shores would simply become part of a zone, where back-up for an incident for example could be 40 minutes away. In addition, our officers go into the schools and work with young people, they participate in community events such as Special Olympics and help out in fundraisers.  Our officers aren't simply here because it's a job, they are here because they want to be, it's their community."

"Over the years, I have worked with the Police Services Board who has had the highest quality of people that it was ever my privilege to work with.  I have also come to know Mayor Mike Smith well over the years.  He was the Chair of the Police Services Board, the Deputy Mayor and the Mayor.  During my time here in Saugeen Shores, Mayor Smith has always been a constant."

"We are heading into budget time and, when asked, I always lay my cards on the table.  I have never asked for anything unless I've felt there was a need ... and that hasn't changed.  So, there's still a year ahead, and things will carry on as they have but Council has some decisions to make and, again, I am confident that they will make the right ones for the community as a whole, and not just for a few simply for the sake of change."

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