The Lipstick Ladies raise funds in support of a friend
by Sandy Lindsay
(photos submitted by Carla Pavlov)

December 11, 2016

Women Today

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The Lipstick Ladies hold a benefit dinner
Libby Thaw (seated) accepts funds on behalf of friend Stephanie Reidpath
(L-R) Carla Pavlov, Bernice Ribey and Penny Coles

Stephanie Reidpath is the mother of three young boys and has just learned that she has stage four incurable cancer.

With no income and no benefits, with very limited mobility and extreme pain, she is struggling to maintain while she undergoes treatment to try and slow the cancer.

Stephanie Reidpath
(shared photo from gofundme)

The Lipstick Ladies of Saugeen Shores held a benefit dinner on Saturday, December 9th, to raise funds for Reidpath and, after expenses were able to donate $1,550 which was given in trust to Reidpath's friend Libby Thaw.

(L-R) Michelle McQuaid, Kaylea Marlow, Amy Sonnenburg, Rachel MacDonald and Kristyn Pette

Family and friends are rallying around her to help with financial and emotional support.  When her hair began to fall out due to the chemo therapy, four of her friends shaved theirs in solidarity.

Friends in Solidarity
(photo shared from ... gofundme)

To help with support for Reidpath and her three young sons, a gofundme page has been set up by friend Chrystal Becker.

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Santa took time out of his busy schedule to make a stop

Dawn Frosst was also surpised with a cake for her '39ish' birthday

To help Stephanie Reidpath ....


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