Everyone at G. C. Huston school gets a Christmas dinner
by Sandy Lindsay

December 26, 201`6


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All the right moves!

Principal Dan Russell (R) welcomed special guests

On Friday, December 23rd (2016) G. C. Huston hosted a Christmas dinner for 300 people.

According to sources, an anonymous donation was made to "provide a Christmas dinner for the entire student body and staff".

With turkeys from Harrigans' 100 Mile Market in Southampton, volunteers under the direction of Rebecca Cushnie, prepared dinner complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and carrots.

Welcome! said Principal Dan Russell

Unusual Christmas wear Ojibwa teacher, Marilyn Root

Sophie Caudle (L) talks to volunteers Rachel and Nathan Russell, daughter and son of the Principal

A 'pied piper' elf?

Teachers served the youngest
Teacher Meryl Gilmore may take up 'runway plane directing ' after retirement ...

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Serving volunteers receive instructions from Rebecca Cushnie (R)

Teacher Andrew White was in the Christmas spirit

'Elf' Sheila Henkle Student Payden Ritchie helps serve as Ridley Gilmore (R) adds to the plates

Lining up to be seated

While everyone enjoyed the Christmas dinner, the school also takes Christmas very seriously and, this year, supported some 18 families in the community, with the help and donations of various community organizations. 

"We don't ever want anyone in our school community to not have a Christmas," said Principal Russell. "For nine of those families this year, Christmas also included everything for a complete dinner at home." 

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Monday, December 26, 2016