Common sense and accountability wanted

December 16, 2016


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To the Editor:

All I want for Christmas is some common sense and accountability.

If Council felt uncomfortable voting to place the Splash Pad at North Shore Park, why did they not demand an alternate workable location? 


And who developed the parameters making North Shore Park look like the best location?


The answer is disconcerting but simple. Select senior staff wanted this location and the slick public presentation made that abundantly clear.


The highly unpopular choice of location highlights the fact that staff is unaccountable to voters yet wield much influence.


Resolutions that raise the ire of 86% of the voting public negates our right to be properly represented by Council and that is a dangerous route. What heightens this concern is knowing that this is not the first time Council has been pushed into a corner.


Sadly, the ladies who introduced the Splash Pad idea have been unfairly targeted because of this location decision.


All the good reasons for a Splash Pad have been forgotten. From my understanding, their only goal was to provide an opportunity for kids to get active, stay healthy and have oodles of fun. In this sedentary time of gadgets, that is an admirable target.
Merry Christmas
Wayne Mc Grath

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Friday, December 16, 2016