Education Saugeen Central School brings Christmas musical cheer

Merry Christmas


Saugeen Central School Music Students


Primary Choir
directed by Mme. Barnard

  performed three selections including the French: Quand le Pere Noel Vient Me Visiter

The auditorium was filled with family and friends

The Black Belt Recorder Ensemble
... Gr. 2 and 3 students ... where it all starts

Senior Concert Band
under the direction of Mr. Patterson ...

... performed several pieces including competition selections

The popular Jazz Ensemble
rocked the evening with three selections including Jingle Bell Rock
Khushi Shah kept the rhythm of bells (L) Rabin Azri, Hunter Stephenson & Grace McGillivray greeted everyone

Each year, École Port Elgin Saugeen Central School performs their annual Christmas concert.  On Monday, December 19th, after delays caused by blizzards that closed roads, the annual concert went ahead with music students playing to a capacity crowd of family and friends.

Music teacher, Matthew Patterson, thanked the many sponsors that have helped the music program.  "The Power Workers' Union has been incredible," he said.  "They have given thousands of dollars over the years and, recently, we were able to purchase 30 Fender ukuleles."

The school bands have won several awards in the past year, including a silver medal in Ottawa, and, in 2017, will compete in the Nationals. 

In addition, students will perform in the annual Spring Concert on Thursday, May 4th and again on May 25th with a Tribute to Disney concert.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016