Port Elgin BIA update
by Sandy Lindsay

December 18, 2016

Town Council

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Jeff Carver who heads up the Port Elgin Business Improvement Association (BIA) brought a recent update to Saugeen Shores Town Council.

The BIA was very active over the past year that included hosting several events:

While the BIA was active, it also worked with several partnerships that enabled it to invest over $100,000 in the past two years to enhance the downtown with projects that include:

  • Streetlight ($70,000)

  • Planters and bike racks ($20,000)

  • New Christmas Lights ($10,000)

  • Light post banners ($5,000)

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Saugeen Shores 2017 budget has a placeholder of $145,000 for improvements and renovations to Coulter Parkette that will be part of the final budget approval in January.


The BIA 2017 budget will also see the group focusing the majority of its funds for the beautification and/or development of the downtown core.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016