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 Decorating 'Trend Tips' by Carla

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If you are wondering what is hot for interiors and what trends are new and now for 2017 well, I am already thinking well into 2017. Expect a big shake-up for Spring 2017! The colours to come will be bright and vivid. There will be a spectrum of emotion and feeling. Pretty 'brights' with very little neutrals. These bright colours capture the hope and transformation we crave each year.

If you are building a new home or renovating, then these Trend-tips for 2017 may help you.

CR Tip #1

 A lot of international influence due to technology will have an affect on our choices for building materials and building in general. "Nooks" will become popular. A place to retrieve to as we are all craving less technology.
With an increasing amount of time being spent in front of screens and smart phones, homes are being built with a small spot to retrieve to and with this relaxed furniture follows. Soft furnishing, and giant floor pillows or window seats accompanied by book shelves and board games.

CR Tip #2

Already this winter, you may have noticed dark green taking command in our interiors. The British racing green will be the new must have.

Accent pillows are an easy way to add this colour in or you can make it a feature by adding a chair. For the bold natured individuals painting an entire room in dark green can add depth to a room. I recently went with Benjamin Moore’s “Forest Green” 2047-10 to "Bring the outside in".

 CR Tip #3

The addition of cork to your interior will be making a comeback this year. It is great for absorbing sound in an open concept plan while adding warmth and texture, as well.
This material will be seen on floors, walls and even accessories like lamps and table tops

 CR Tip #4

The Chic hotel look continues to be strong with upholstered headboards leading the way.
This is a great way to add instant “Glam” to a bedroom. Upholstered headboards are being covered in a variety of fabrics and embellished with gem stones and nail heads or silver studs.         

CR Tip #5

While Pastels are currently having great popularity,  as the 2017 fall/winter palettes get released this summer, the jewel tones with a dash of sparkle will gain in popularity. These darker colours will be paired with metallic finishes, metals, raw cut quartz, Lucite, and opal.
To help keep a lightness with these darker colours “X-ray’ type materials like floaty silks, sheers and other transparent fabrics will add a romantic element to this jewel toned trend.

Optimism is what inspires these trends. Light, airy and romantic is where we are headed with the hope for richness and luxury.

Are you wondering what we need to look away from?

Well, with the housewares department stores having an abundance of cheap looking shiny copper and rose gold, consider them out of style. The overabundance of sayings and words or quote artwork is also out.

Subway tile. Although it is simple and inexpensive it is now overdone.

Time to look towards ‘finger or kit-kat tile’ that can be used either vertically or horizontally.

 Colour is a life story. I love to travel to see what is new and next. My family has been involved in Homes for generations ... from Builders to Carpenters, Real Estate tycoons to me with over 25 years of experience with interiors, colour and trends. This year, there is a renewed sense of imagination, different than traditional.

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Monday, January 23, 2017