Two OTS Executives charged for alleged theft of eco-tax dollars

January 12, 2017

From Queen's Park

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The following is a statement from PC Critic for Environment and Cap-and-Trade Lisa Thompson on the recent charges laid against two former Executives from Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS).  

"The charges laid yesterday against two former Ontario Tire Stewardship executives for the alleged theft of $550,000 eco-tax dollars is yet another troubling chapter in the Liberals' mismanagement of tax-payer dollars.  

 "For four years, I have been calling for an end to eco-taxes in Ontario. When the opportunity presented itself this past year with the Waste Free Ontario Act, I once again called on this government to wind up its eco-tax programs. Minister Murray still has not taken action on this, despite multiple promises to do so. In the meantime, under his leadership, Ontarians continue to pay money to an organization that defies oversight and accountability.  

"The legislation allows an administrator to be appointed for the purpose of winding up the organization or where funds have been improperly used. The Minister has committed previously to shutting down OTS, yet has failed to take action. Given yesterday's charges relating to the misuse of taxpayer funds, I urge the Minister to begin this process immediately." 


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Exactly one year ago, January 11th 2016, MPP Lisa Thompson questioned the Liberal government's OTS Executives' lavish spending habits then.  It appears that she was right on the mark.

Below is Thompson's statement one year ago ...

On January 11th,  Ontario PC Critic for the Environment and Cap-and-Trade, Lisa Thompson (Huron-Bruce), released the following statement regarding Ontario Tire Stewardship's (OTS) exorbitant spending habits:  

"The Liberals have once again proven that they cannot manage the province with integrity. Allowing an organization this government created to irresponsibly waste taxpayer dollars on lavish dinners and cruises for top executives is unacceptable.   Ontarians are already struggling to pay their skyrocketing hydro bills and put food on the table; they should not be on the hook for the lavish and excessive spending habits of top executives as well. As this was a government driven initiative, the Liberal government has a responsibility to ensure appropriate oversight so that Ontario Tire Stewardship uses these funds to stick to their mandate and keep Ontario environmentally friendly.   This government cannot allow this kind of unchecked spending across its agencies, boards and commissions, and should immediately and routinely be conducting cost-for-value assessments.   Sadly, this government has a long track record of scandal and wasteful spending. Ornge, eHealth, cancelled gas plants, and the Sudbury by-election- the list never seems to end. Ontarians deserve the "open and transparent" style of governing Kathleen Wynne promised them in 2014. We expect the Ontario Tire Stewardship to help keep Ontario's environment safe and clean; not waste taxpayer money like this Liberal government has done for more than a decade."

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Thursday, January 12, 2017