Local MPP re-nominated as Huron-Bruce PC candidate

January 10, 2017

From Queen's Park

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 (L) Harold Smith, MPP Lisa Thompson, Janet Haines and George Thorburn

MPP Lisa Thompson has once again been nominated as the Progressive Conservative candidate for Huron-Bruce in the upcoming 2018 Provincial Election.  

"I'm honoured to have the confidence and support in Huron-Bruce to continue the good work of making Ontario prosper once more under a PC government," said Thompson. "Our communities are full of hard-working people trying to support their families, seniors and small business, and they deserve to have their voices and concerns heard. Unfortunately, the Liberals jusgarding small business and Hydro One; challenging the flawed cap-and-trade scheme the Liberal govert don't seem to care until it costs them votes at the polls."  

Lisa has served the riding of Huron-Bruce since first being elected in 2011, and currently serves as the PC Critic on the Environment and Cap-and-Trade file. Among her many activities, Lisa's most recent initiatives have included: local public meetings renment implemented on January 1; the successful passage of a private members' motion that will incorporate a component on opportunities in the agri-food sector to the grades 9 and 10 Careers and Guidance curriculum; as well as introducing legislation that would support farmers in accessing the crop inputs and agrologist expertise they need.


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"I continue to hear from people across our riding that life is getting harder under the Liberals. Our hydro rates are skyrocketing, we're having new fees imposed on us through cap-and-trade, and we're seeing economic opportunity and jobs flee our province at an alarming rate. We need to work together to ensure that we send a strong message to Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals in 2018: Huron-Bruce and Ontario have had enough of the mismanagement and waste. We're ready for a government that takes our concerns seriously. We're ready for a Progressive Conservative government."

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017