Slow down and stay in control warn police

January 11, 2017

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The Bruce Peninsula Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) urge motorists to slow down and stay in control of their vehicle when driving in inclement weather and on poor road conditions. If weather reports are indicating heavy or blowing snow and reduced visibility; slow down or make the decision to stay home. If roads are closed, donít drive on them.

This reminder comes after the Bruce Peninsula OPP responded to multiple motor vehicle collisions between January 1, 2017 and January 9, 2017. During that time 16 vehicles were towed from ditches, 3 vehicles reported damage due to fail to remains and 3 charges were laid due to inattentive driving.

Here are few tips for winter weather and driving preparation:

  • Driving too fast for road conditions is the number one cause of winter collisions.  If you see snow, go slow. Allow yourself extra time to get to and from your destination.  If the weather is uncertain, check the forecast before heading out and monitor the media outlets for any updates.

  • If winter driving conditions make you nervous, uncomfortable or fearful when youíre behind the wheel, stay off the road unless your trip is absolutely necessary. 

  •  Itís best to carry a winter survival kit with you when you travel.  Extra clothing, winter boots, blankets, shovel and snack foods are recommended.  Having a candle and waterproof matches can help heat the interior of your vehicle if it stalls or you become stranded.

  • Emergencies-If you or anyone else is in need of medical assistance or your stranded vehicle is in a position to cause further disruption to traffic, please call 911 for emergency.

  •  Non-Emergency-If you do find yourself stranded or in the ditch, due to vehicle break down or collision and you have not sustained injury; call the OPP the non-emergency number 1-888-310-1122. Arrangements will be made to have your vehicle towed.

  • If your vehicle is stranded and you have made arrangements for a tow, please call Police at 1-888-310-1122. Let us know the location of your vehicle, vehicle description, licence plate, your contact information and when the vehicle is to be removed. This will ensure additional arrangements are not made for your vehicle to be removed. Make sure your vehicle is not impeding the flow of traffic or snow removal.

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Other reminders:

Road Closures:  Driving on a closed road is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA - Sec. 134(3)) total set fine of $110. plus, three demerit points.  The consequences however can be much worse if you are involved in a collision or are stranded in a whiteout.  Road closures often extend past the end of a storm in order to give road maintenance crews sufficient time to clear the snow and treat the road surface.  Road closures are inconvenient and they are frustrating, however, roads are closed with the best intentions to keeping motorists and emergency personnel safe.

Clearing Snow from Vehicle Windows: No clear view to front, side or rear is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA Ė Sec. 74 (1) (a) (b)) total set fine of $110. Every driver must clear the snow, ice and frost from your vehicle and all windows before you begin to drive Having an obstructed view is not only dangerous to you but also to others who are driving on the highways.  When snow is not cleared, large pieces may lift off and crash onto vehicles travelling behind you causing damage or obstructing their view.

Vehicle Lights:  Motorists must remember to activate their vehicleís headlights manually to ensure the taillights come on.  This is especially important when driving in inclement weather or low-light conditions.  Donít risk being rear-ended.  See and be seen!  


Should you wish to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or send a web-tip to crimestop-gb.org, where you may be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.

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