New 'Beach House' for Port Elgin beach approved
by Sandy Lindsay

January 22, 2017

Town Council

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Conceptual Drawing

It looks as though Port Elgin is about to get an impressive new 'Beach House' with "wow factor" to "meet the needs of the users today and in the future", according to the report by Community Services.

The 'Beach House' with a 'lighthouse' design will replace he current washroom facility now at the foot of Green Street on the Port Elgin beach and had input from the Waterfront Ad Hoc Committee, Accessibility Advisory Committee and Ontario Clean Water Agency.

The building will include much more than washrooms according to the report.  There will also be space for future offices for either the town or tourism, a food service area possibly for future restaurant opportunities, storage space for maintenance equipment, foot cleaning stations, outdoor showers and family pods.  The family pods are expected to be heated so that they be used throughout the winter months for programs and year round beach access. 

Request for Tenders process is going forward and with construction to begin April 1st, it is anticipated that the 'Beach House' will be completed by the end of July. 

A figure of $1.4 million has been approved for beach improvements with almost $7 million or the entire Waterfront Plan completion.  In the meantime, $14,700 was also approved for tendering and contract administration services by Steenhof Building Services Group from the Waterfront Master Plan Reserve.

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Public input is being invited through the Saugeen Shores website (available on the front page of Saugeen Times or at www.saugeenshores.ca )

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