Eat Local Grey Bruce challenge to re-build local food infrastructure

February 15, 2017


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The Board of Directors of Eat Local Grey Bruce co-operative has unanimously approved a position paper on how to re-build a local food system. This position paper has been submitted to the counties of Grey and Bruce and challenges governments and community actors to re-build   infrastructure for a vibrant local food economy.

Local food chains work effectively if all elements of the chains are functional. In our region, many aspects have been neglected and limit our rural economic growth.

 These elements include food distribution to the GTA and Kitchener-Waterloo, agri-tourism, investments, regional branding, food literacy and a culinary culture that celebrates skills, and many processing services (especially high-quality butchering and abattoirs).

Our enterprise, which targets a low-profitability link   within our food chain, can support re-building these elements but is not in a financial position to re-build the entire local food infrastructure.

If the counties of Grey and Bruce want to bring the   local food sector to its true potential, it requires a concerted community effort that strategically aligns existing actors and the available resources, while adding those strategic infrastructure elements that are lacking.

The Eat Local Grey Bruce mission is to re-establish a local one-stop shop aggregation and distribution service for local food. This enterprise is a marketing venue for local farmers that provides access to healthy and fresh food for consumers across the region, and   provides a learning and incubator space for local businesses.

Our enterprise however, also sheds light on many missing infrastructure elements in the broader local food system that hinders economic growth. Eat Local   encourages an open dialogue with community partners and potential investors on how to re-gain these infrastructure elements for the benefit of our community, our local farmers and our local economy.

Eat Local Grey Bruce is a not-for-profit cooperative of food producers and consumers. We envision a local food distribution system that efficiently connects producers and consumers, provides meaningful employment, enhances the environment and biodiversity, supports healthy living throughout the entire food chain, and vitalizes a culture of food.

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Producer members offer frozen meat, refrigerated dairy, veggies, bread, fruits, flours, and some preserved goods, plus we buy additional items from the Ontario Natural Food Co-op and other   suppliers.

Consumer members order food online and orders are fully customizable and no regular commitment is necessary.

Orders can be placed until Monday, noon each week, with delivery occurring Wednesday and Thursday.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017