More volunteers still needed for Derby
by Sandy Lindsay

February 20, 2017


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After a plea to the community for help, volunteers have stepped up to fill the void at the Lake Huron Fishing Club's (LHFC) Kincardine Hatchery.

Al Wilkins, the hatchery manager, will be leaving in April and has been there since the hatchery was built in 1992 by volunteers.

"Al has done an incredible amount of work," said LHFC member Dick Verrips, "and the thought of stepping into his shoes might seem overwhelming, so we've decided to divide his responsibilities to avoid having one person feeling over-loaded.  We're absolutely thrilled at the response we've had from the community and all the volunteer needs have been met for the hatchery."

The LHFC is entirely volunteer driven and raises rainbow and brown trout which are released into Lake Huron.  Last year (2016), the Club will stocked some 60,000 rainbows and  and 60,000 brown trout.  Since its inception, the Club has stocked more than two million yearlings.

Unfortunately, the Club is still needing volunteers for the Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby.  It is the largest derby that takes place on Lake Huron and which is the Club's major fundraiser for conservation efforts.  Among the events that have been initiated is the elementary school program where young students learn first-hand how to raise trout and salmon from eggs to the yearling stage.  The students then release their 'fish' into Lake Huron.  Since its inception, the program has grown to almost 40 schools and, according to Verrips, they hope to increase that to 100.

The Chinook Classic also is an economic boom to the region each year from those sports-fishing tourists who come from far and wide to participate in the Derby.


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Chantry Classic Salmon Derby

Volunteers  are  needed  for  the following  positions:

1. Sponsor  Coordinator:  responsible  for  all correspondence  related  to  the   procurement of potential  sponsors  (corporate  and  local)  and providing administrative  support  for  all  aspects of  existing  sponsorships

2. Corporate  Sponsor  Canvasser:   responsible for  tracking,  follow  up  and   correspondence with  potential  corporate sponsors

3. Promotion  and  Media  Coordinator:   responsible  for  the  promotion  of  the   Derby to all  available  tourism  and  media  sites, service clubs  and  other   organizations

If interested in becoming a volunteer, call Bert Kuntz at 519-389-4203/519-501-4043 or

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Monday, February 20, 2017