Pilot Project focusing on resources for local entrepreneurs

February 2, 2017


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 Bruce County Public Library has teamed up with the Bruce County Planning and Development Team on a pilot project that will offer local businesses within Bruce County's eight local municipalities a one-stop business information portal and referral service.

This initiative is part of the County’s Economic Development Strategy focused on providing strategic sector and business development services for visitors, residents and businesses.

All library locations throughout the County now provide support to entrepreneurs, existing businesses, and emerging small businesses by offering accessible and easy to find information about the County and its economic development partners.

As part of a partnership with the Bruce County Planning and Development Team, Bruce County Public Library now offers dedicated workstations with free online access to the Business to Bruce website, along with printed information on business development in Bruce County and library resources related to business development.

The Library will also be hosting a series of Small Business Seminars in library branches around the County providing information on a variety of business topics (dates and locations to be announced).

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with the Economic Development Team and provide easy access to information on business services from our many library locations” says Melissa Legacy, Director of Library Services. “This pilot project is part of a province-wide initiative to reduce the obstacles businesses may encounter when trying to start up or look for growth opportunities. The library system is the information hub of the County and we look forward to supporting the business community through this project.”

This initiative will advance the County’s goal of moving toward “one-window” access to business development information, the Library’s strategic priority to collaborate with the community and form new partnerships, and the Economic Development Strategic priority related to Business Development by fostering, promoting and supporting entrepreneurs and business opportunities.

Working collaboratively with libraries means communities in every corner of Bruce County can access the same business development information.

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Bruce County: Located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, Bruce County has three distinct areas all featuring unique attributes.

The Peninsula is part of the Niagara Escarpment and is known for its breathtaking views, rock formations, cliffs and hiking trails.

The Lakeshore includes nearly a hundred kilometers of fresh water and soft sandy beaches.

Finally, a strong history in farming exists in the Interior Region, also known as the bread basket. These three areas come together to make the County appealing to a diverse market with strengths in tourism, agriculture and energy.

Bruce County Public Library: With 17 branches throughout the County, Bruce County Public Library serves as both a community hub and a centre for fostering growth within all of Bruce County. The Library also offers online services that are not bound by geographical limits. E-books, audiobooks, digital magazines, and online databases can all be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Thursday, February 02, 2017