Establishing living legacies across the Watershed
by Sandy Lindsay
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February 2, 2017


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Catherine Dickison (Chair of SVCF) speaks at Memorial Grove reception

Although it's still winter, with spring just around the corner, it might be a good time to think about planting a tree.  Not just any tree, but one in memoriam of a loved one.

In 1989, the Saugeen Valley Conservation Foundation (SVCF), the fundraising arm of Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA), established the Memorial Grove Program.

The concept was to provide individuals with an opportunity to plant a tree in memory of a loved one. Planting a tree not only bestows honour to a loved one but it also helps to enrich the environment.

Since 1989, well over 6,000 trees have been planted across the Saugeen Valley watershed in three Memorial Groves and over six Memorial Forests.

(L) Catherine Dickison (SVCF Chair) and Luke Charbonneau (SVCA Chair)

"The Foundation is extremely proud of this program," said Catherine Dickison, Chair of the Saugeen Valley Conservation Foundation or SVCF.

"When you stop to think of the sheer number of trees planted in memory of loved ones, itís an incredible tribute to our family members or friends who have gone before us. It also means that the memories connected to these forests hold a special significance to all who have participated in the program," she added. "It's a program that brings conservation and people together in a most meaningful and heartfelt way."

Once a year, the Foundation also hosts a Memorial Grove Ceremony in which relatives, next-of-kin and friends can share in a ceremonial tree planting and enjoy some fellowship.

Next-of-kin participants in the program receive a certificate as well as a card which notifies them when a donation is made. The donor also receives a letter of appreciation and both parties receive an invitation to attend the Annual Memorial Grove Ceremony in June.

Planting trees is not only a wonderful way to remember the life of a friend or loved one but it also provides a living legacy for many generations to come.

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Gord Ripley of Teeswater

For more information on the program, contact publicinfo@svca.on.ca , visit your local funeral home or Click HERE

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