United Way on the receiving end of a new Bruce Power pledge initiative

February 7, 2017


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The United Way of Bruce-Grey has received a three-year pledge of $1.6 million from Bruce Power’s United Way Campaign . 

The commitment allows the United Way to immediately double its utility assistance program and enhance food security efforts for families and individuals struggling in the region. 

The Campaign will formally commence in late March and will include employees, unions, suppliers and the company itself.

"The timing of this news couldn’t be better for the United Way and the people we serve," said Francesca Dobbyn Executive Director of the United Way of Bruce-Grey. "Bruce Power recognizes there is increased pressure on programs, such as the utility assistance program, and showed leadership and stepped up to the plate with confidence that they could mobilize their entire site to deliver this commitment. The Bruce Power Campaign has been a long-time supporter of United Way and we recognize that Bruce Power provides one of the lowest cost sources of electricity in Ontario. They also recognize they have an important role to play in our community for those struggling with their bills."

The Bruce Power Campaign, co-chaired by the company and the Power Workers’ Union (PWU) and the Society of Energy Professionals, recognized that it was important to provide the United Way with an ongoing commitment that it could rely on in order to double its utility assistance program for the next three years while long term solutions to energy poverty could be sourced.

"Bruce Power, our employees, unions and suppliers are very proud of the role we play in providing low-cost power to Ontario families and businesses," said Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power’s President and CEO.  "In 2016, we generated 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity at 30 per cent below the average price.While we are very proud of this and communicate this message across Ontario, we recognize that there is more to the energy system than Bruce Power. As part of this community, there is more that we can do together and providing this commitment now to double the utility assistance program is the right thing to do," added Rencheck.  

The Bruce Power Campaign will launch in late March and the team has committed to an increase in proceeds from the campaign to provide the United Way funding stability for its programs.

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"From our perspective, we wanted the United Way to know that they can count on from us to do their important work and that the Bruce Power United Way Campaign will deliver on the fundraising," said Larry Alderdice of the Power Workers’ Union. "We recognize that if everyone got their electricity from the Bruce Power site the cost of electricity would be much less but that’s not the world we operate in and we all have to step-up and help where we can."

"The funds will be raised through an expansion of employee proceeds and other fundraising efforts between Bruce Power, unions and dozens of suppliers at the facility recognizing that we can always step-up and help those who are struggling," said Mike Gade, Bruce Power Local Vice President of the Society of Energy Professionals.

"Doubling the utility assistance program and supporting the expansion of food security programs will make a difference and the United Way can count on us to deliver the funds to support their important work," added Gade.

Bruce Power has, in fact, been a long-time supporter of the United Way and the company and its employees have donated more than $3 million to the United Way of Bruce-Grey since 2001. Plans have been underway since September to enhance the Bruce Power campaign and to provide an increased focus on the utility assistance program and food security.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017