Southampton Minister is bid farewell by church and community
by Sandy Lindsay

January 29, 2017

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Many members of Southampton United Church gather round Rev. Keith Reynolds (C) to say good-bye as he leaves

A going away memory of Southampton by photographer Carol Norris is presented

Today, Sunday January 29th, is the first Sunday without Reverend Keith Reynolds at Southampton United Church, following his departure from Southampton.

After some 12 years, Reynolds decided it was time to move on to another phase in life and, when asked to step into the United Church in Stratford, he accepted.

"As the river of life continues to flow, the invitation remains to get into it, to live the experience fully."

Jan Holmes reads the card  ...

Rev. Keith had lots of help in opening his gifts from Bradley Seaman (L) and the Eagleson boys, Cooper and Nash as Jan Holmes and Karen Plaskett look on

A hand-crafted pottery gift ...

... and last but not least a special pen

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Rev. Keith's final goodbye

Two Reverends ...  Chuck Beaton and Keith shared a laugh

Rev. John  Lougheed (L) traveled from Waterloo and Father Peter Meyer (R) from Milton

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Sunday, January 29, 2017