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Two simple, inexpensive and delicious meals

February 11, 2017


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A simple, inexpensive, but delicious meal is not difficult.

Here we have two meals that not only look tasty but are tasty and ... good for you!

The first features pizza slices with a spinach salad, the second is a hearty 'cold-weather'' meal.

Each meal is $5.00 or less per serving.

We will be featuring more nutritious but inexpensive meals.  While quantities may vary according to taste and appetite, we have based them on an average person serving.

For those who are 'single diners', meats can be purchased on sale and frozen using only what is needed.

Pizza and Salad:Pre-prepared thin crust pizza ($3.97/12 in.) spinach($1.97/bag)
Black olives($1.37/can)
Green olives ($1.89/can)
one slice of Vidalia onion
half stalk of celery
one half tomato
(crumbled feta cheese (optional)
balsamic and olive oil dressing

Don't forget that only part of the total ingredients have been used. The pizza is a 12" frozen that can be used the next day as leftovers or for a snack.

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Hearty 'cold' weather dish:1 cup steamed Cabbage (w/dollop of butter)
1 baked potato
Sour cream to taste
Sliced cheddar (optional)
1 Slice of Vidalia onion
1 Oktoberfest style sausage
Cole slaw (optional) or a vegetable. 

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Saturday, February 11, 2017