Local champions being ignored says reader

February 8, 2017


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To the Editor:

Having played all of my minor hockey in Southampton, as well as having two girls in hockey, the one thing I have experience in, is hanging around arenas.

When you typically enter an arena lobby, you will see trophy cases or memorabilia of past teams or players. When you look out over the ice surface you see pennants and banners celebrating the towns success over the years, some banners are older than even me.

Southampton has nothing to show for its many great teams or players.

As a kid, I grew up idolizing the kids older than me;  Bill Buckton, Marty Gateman, Jim Cutting, Larry Koepke, Ted Porter, Rob Shular, Kids from my own team, Gary Acton, Russ Smith, Rick Johnstone and the younger players like Don McLeod, Steve Smith, Cal Henry, Rob Houle, Mike Huber, Don Matheson and Barry Hall. 

I know I have missed out many others, but the point is these players won championships for their organization and there is no record of any of these achievements.

 Other towns that have amalgamated still find a way to honor their teams, so that excuse doesn't hold.

The Coliseum is a cold and dreary building at the best of times, so I think adding some positive signage would be a great way to help as well as the reinforcement for our local teams to carry on in that tradition. 

 I know I would be thrilled to see these changes and it would be a great way to honor our past hockey heroes.

 Brian Acton

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Wednesday, February 08, 2017