Deputy Mayor explains rationale for budget grant

January 28, 2017



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To the Editor:


This was written in 1920 and says it all today.

Brian Cole.


To the Editor:

Oh great ! Ontario Line Clearing is coming back to Southampton.

The last time they were in town working for Westario Power they had a hydraulic line blow on one of their trucks and never reported it to me as a homeowner in Southampton. We actually had to go after them to come and clean up their disaster .

They, to this day, almost refuse to do anything with two 30 ft. cedars that the hydraulic fluid has killed, so good luck with this company informing you (the town) of any occurrences they might have.

Property owner,

David Campbell 


Editor's Note:  Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority is supposed to work closely with them on this project ... hopefully, that will happen and ... hopefully they know an ash from a Maple.


To the Editor:

$20,000 for tennis club. Just another example of how our council seems to hand out money to any one  who walks through the door with their hand out yet they think it is ok raise our taxes 4 percent.  Time for a change.            


Saugeen Shores Tax Payer


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To the Editor:

Just a brief response to your reader, Sherry, who asked about the contribution to the Southampton Tennis Club in the Town's 2017 draft budget.

The proposed $20,000 contribution is in support of a $100,000 reconstruction project at the Victoria Street tennis courts.  These courts are on Town-owned land that has been leased by the Tennis Club for the last 60 years.

In effect, this is a partnership that would see a piece of publicly owned property significantly improved with 80% of the funding provided by a user group and 20% by property tax payers.

It's through partnerships like this one that we will make repairs and improvements to publicly owned recreation infrastructure throughout the community.

Here is a link to the presentation that the Club made to Council explaining the project. 

Luke Charbonneau
Deputy Mayor.

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