What is happening in our world?

January 30, 2017


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To the Editor:

What is happening in our world? 

Here, in Saugeen Shores, we have welcomed our new Canadian family and stood together to support their coming.

And what a wonderful family they are ... children who are excelling in their learning, wonderful parents who have become involved in the community.

We must not let what is happening south of our border creep into our Canadian values.

Words are a powerful thing and the rhetoric that is spewing from the mouth of the so-called 'leader of the western world' is nothing but hatred for other cultures and religions.

This divisive, hate-filled speech is the last thing that Canada needs.  We are so far ahead of  American acceptance in the world and it is something we must retain.

Dorothy Fallarow.

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To the Editor:

Not only do the Staff of Day Away deserve halos but wings too! Through their tireless endeavors, they have provided the clients and volunteers of this daily program with a safe environment that is truly a “Day Away”. One can dance...one can sing...one can truly live life to its fullest in great company.

Brenda Vanderploeg

Day Away Volunteer

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Monday, January 30, 2017