Taj Mahal washrooms or a critical break wall?

February 1, 2017


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To the Editor:

We have all witnessed the power of the lake especially when angry. It has taken lives, boats and has reeked havoc on shorelines.

When the last section of long dock (Southampton) was removed, the north shoreline's sand was swept away and the strong currents left a severe drop off from shoreline to water....a danger for kids.

Look at the the west side of the playground break wall and rocks as far as you can see dominate. Between our beach and Gobles Grove rocky shoals remain because of the open lake. There is ample proof to know that if Council follows the "do nothing" approach eventually removing this wall of protection, the main beach as we know it will be negatively altered forever.

Council needs to instruct staff to get a deal with Oceans and Fisheries done and stop deflecting the fact that staff has regrettably dropped the ball.

The Beachers' Organization (2010) requested attention to this vital part of our beach but it makes you wonder what staff was doing for seven years while the break wall further deteriorated. The wall has been a safe haven particularly for swimmers from its inception. Having to now block entry to the wall is a clear indictment of how poorly the beach portfolio has been handled since 2010.

There is but one option. Fix it and fix it now.

Barely two years ago former town engineer, Dave Burnside, declared the wall structurally sound. If money is needed, postpone the Taj Mahal washrooms and use the funds to repair the wall. Ask any real beacher if fancy washrooms are more important than a sandy shoreline.

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Council needs to be reminded that the beach is the reason why tourism is a multi-million dollar industry and, according to our Chamber reports, affects every business in this community directly and indirectly.

Wayne Mc Grath
Port Elgin.


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Wednesday, February 01, 2017