The joy ... and heartache ... that pets bring

February 12, 2017


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It was a sad week in the Cassavoy home when they lost the smallest member of the family ... Sally Brown.

Sally as a puppy enjoying Southampton snow

Many of our Southampton readers will undoubtedly remember Sally Brown from her twice-daily walks around Southampton from 2001 to 2015, until the Cassavoys, Pat and Ken, moved away. 

She was so well-known that it wasn’t unusual to have several people say hello to Sally – and call her by name - on every walk.  Even cars would go by and the driver would call out the window, “Hello Sally!” 

"I’m sure most of those who spoke to Sally probably didn’t know my name," says Ken Cassavoy, "but they sure remembered hers."

She was a great friend and a member of the family and brought great joy to my wife, Pat, and I," adds Ken Cassavoy. "We miss her."

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At 14, Sally enjoyed a Southampton winter in front of the fireplace

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