Trump has a rough week and grapples with embarrassing handshakes.



written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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On February 16, 2017, Donald Trump held a long and chaotic press news conference that was a total surprise as he has avoided meeting the press in this format in the past.  He likes to direct the news and his followers without penetrating questions.  He dubs the Press as "The Enemy". 

He surprised everyone including his staff by going out cold and ranting against all opposition, but especially the Press.

After a week of near total chaos in the Trump White House, he chastised the Press for publishing 'leaks' and fake news.

He lauded General Flynn after firing him for lying to Vice-President Spence. 

Get that?  He fires the Flynn and then praises him immediately. 

The reason?  Although unconfirmed, Trump wants to limit the damage of Flynn talking with his Russian counterparts..

He concentrated on the act of leaks from his government agencies including 17 intelligence organizations in the US alone. 

He avoids the substance of the information in the leaks.  Get that?  He abhors the leaks from his own organization, but seems not interested in the content of the leaks.

Those who viewed Trump's news conference were astounded.  You can bet on more of the same as Trump appeared to enjoy it all.  When a person rants, those viewing the act often are embarrassed and that's the way many feel with Trump.

The content of the 'Rant' has been well covered by the Press.  To me it exhibited most of Trump's bad traits, but certainly not all.

  • He is unconcerned with easily checked facts that he gets wrong.  Can't he get a fact checker's advice before he makes a fool of himself?

  • He is a narcissist of titanic proportions.

  • He refuses to admit errors and often doubles down.

  • He hates to be corrected.

  • He does not read and his ability to put complex ideas together is impaired.  Maybe he is dyslexic, who knows?

  • He wants to be loved and touts ideas that have not been thought out clearly.  His cabinet, such as it is and the Vice President are on cleanup duty every day trying to pull back or defuse his hard to follow rants.

His most dangerous flaw is he has exhibited a talent for getting away from tight situations by bluster and touting lies as truth.  He can change the subject quickly and adeptly, when he feels cornered by facts, which is all too often.

What happens if he really gets cornered and 'The Donald' cannot be defended?  Does the US face another Nixon melt-down?  Nixon too hated the press.  That caught up to Nixon, didn't it?

The danger will occur, when Trump becomes totally blocked by his own curious lies.

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Trump's Body Language

Trump's Awkward Handshake with the Japanese Prime Minister  He just wants to be loved!


Trump yanks nominated Supreme Court Justice Gorsech's hand violently.  First he greets the Judge with an open hand (welcome) and then he jerks him forward and gains the upper hand with his left hand on top. (I'm the Boss)


A much younger Trudeau out does Trump on a vigorous handshake. Also note that the 6'2" Trudeau is a good deal taller than the 6'3" Trump.  (by his measurements)   What gives?

He does not like the fact that he is classified as obese, so he adds to his height and subtracts from his weight.

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Monday, February 20, 2017