G. C. Huston celebrates annual 'Winterama' regardless of weather
by Sandy Lindsay

February 25, 2017


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'Zumba' by Emily Pearson (R) gets everyone warmed up including teacher Enid Johnston (L)

Southampton Rotarians helped with lunch

When it comes to celebrating winter and 'Rotary Winterama', who needs snow?  Not G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton!

With an unusually warm February and little to no snow, it was time to improvise.  G. C. Huston is one of the biggest school supporters of Rotary's major Winterama FUNdraiser for youth projects in the region, so it was a time to be creative.

Winterama was held Saturday, February 25th, but for G. C. Huston the celebration began the day before on Friday.  With rain and storms outside, all the 'winter' activities happened inside.  From sledding to fort building, the 'penguin' walk to curling ... students took part in a wide variety of activities.

Noah Johnson indoor sledding
Building forts not of snow but ... cups!

Curling without ice is just as much fun for some!

Teacher Andrew White encourages a stone throw


Shoot for the Stars hockey
(L) Teacher Marilyn Roote watches Micah while Ava Lenart (R) takes a shot

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It's hard to determine who has the most fun at the annual event, the students or Principal Dan Russell and his teaching staff.

Russell personally cooks his famous stew that is served to all the students by local Southampton Rotarians and, whatever is left over is sent home with the students.

Caleb Mason tries Principal Dan Russell's famous stew and rolls for lunch served by Southampton Rotarian Karen Speight (L) and Jenny Amy (R)

Creating a winter scene

For students, the school 'winterama' day is a lead-up to Saturday's Rotary Winterama ... when it's time for the 'Party Bus' ....

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Saturday, February 25, 2017