Pink Shirt Day 2017 in Bluewater
by Sandy Lindsay

February 27, 2017



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Elgin Market Public School Kincardine

Chesley District Community School

On Wednesday, February 22nd, students and staff in Bluewater District School Board wore pink proudly in celebration of the annual tradition of Pink Shirt Day. Now in its 10th year, the occasion aims to encourage school communities to take a stand against all forms of bullying.

Elgin Market Public School Kincardine

Pink Shirt Day originated at a school in Nova Scotia thanks to the courageous efforts of two male students, who took decisive action after witnessing one of their male peers being subjected to bullying for wearing a pink shirt. In response to the incident, the two boys embarked on a shopping excursion to purchase a supply of pink shirts. These were then distributed to fellow students in an effort to bring the school together to demonstrate a zero tolerance attitude toward bullying.

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In Bluewater District School Board, anti-bullying awareness and promoting safe school environments are year round priorities. Pink Shirt Day is yet another opportunity for students and staff to stand together and show solidarity for an important cause. During this year’s occasion, a wave of pink was apparent at many schools throughout the district as students and staff participated in assemblies and other anti-bullying themed initiatives.

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