Students appear fearless when it comes to public speaking
by Sandy Lindsay

March 6, 2017


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Junior Speakers

Students (L-R) Emily Miller, Julia Trelford, Daniel, Curtis Metcalf, Noah Jilesen, Cam Crawford and Nathan Colwell  (1st place Shelby Morris absent moves on to next leve)

Intermediate  Speakers
1st place Rishab Roychowdhury (C) moves on to the next level

Studies have shown that one of the greatest fears that people have is to stand up and speak in public in front of an audience, but students from four local schools recently displayed their confidence in doing just that.

From Paisley Public School and St. Joseph's, Northport and Saugeen Central public schools in Port Elgin, 14 students were chosen for the annual public speaking competition.

Saugeen Central school hosted the event with family and friends crowding in to the gymnasium to lend their support. 

With subjects ranging from hockey and space travel to Explore the Bruce and Barbie, it was evident that the students had all thoroughly researched their subjects .

Adjudicators (L) Pat Smith-Wendorf, Trustee Dave Mason and Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau

The judges took considerable time arriving at their decisions.  "It was very difficult," said Luke Charbonneau.  "The speakers were exceptional and had obviously done their homework on their topics."

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From this initial stage, the winning speakers will move on to the next level of competition at St. Joseph's school on March 9th.

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