Taxpayers to pay billions for hydro mess says MPP

March 2, 2017

From Queen's Park

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Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says there is nothing fair about Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne spending $14 billion of taxpayers’ money to fix the Hydro mess she and her Liberal government created.

“While rate relief is needed because Ontarians, businesses and public institutions are being walloped by sky-rocketing Hydro bills, I’m troubled that the Premier and her government are using taxpayers’ money to provide the discount,” MPP Walker said. “What is not fair and what the Premier isn’t saying is that it’s you, the taxpayer, who is paying for this discount and essentially covering a mess created by her and her out-of-touch government.”  

Premier Wynne, tagging her latest Hydro relief scheme as “Fair Hydro Plan,” announced that electricity bills will be trimmed by about 25 per cent, starting this summer. She also promised that she would not hike Hydro rates above the rate of inflation for four years.  

 “So, yes, you will on average pay 25 per cent less in hydro every month (for some time), but in return, you will pay the Liberal government more taxes and thus receive fewer services to balance it off,” MPP Walker explained. “To this end, the Premier’s promise from this morning that she has fixed sky-rocketing Hydro bills in Ontario ‘for today and into the future’ is pure myth.”

MPP Walker noted that the government’s announcement on Hydro relief did not include any measures to cancel the expensive energy contracts. In fact, he added, the Liberals are scheduled to sign more energy contracts tomorrow despite Ontario running a surplus of power and paying Quebec and the United States up to a half a billion dollars each year to take its surplus. “We remain the only party that is committed to stopping the bad contracts by repealing the Green Energy Act,” said MPP Walker.


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He also added that electricity prices are higher because the Liberal government wasted $1.1 billion on the gas plants scandal, $2 billion on Smart Meters that don’t work, and, as confirmed by the auditor general, because Ontarians have been forced to pay a shocking $9.2 billion more than necessary for green energy contracts.  Additionally, ratepayers will also continue to be overcharged $170 billion for electricity - meaning over $12,000 in excess costs for every Ontarian. 

Since the Liberal government first took office, the average Ontario household’s annual hydro bill has increased by more than $1,000. As a result, as many as 600,000 families were unable to pay their hydro bills last year, with some 60,000 cut off from power.

“Again, this is no real fix – it’s a scheme, a $14-billion misconception, and it will cost you, your children and your grandchildren for many more years in reduced education, healthcare and social services.”

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