Minister dragging his heels on OTS says local MPP

February27, 2017

From Queen's Park

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The Minister of Environment continues to drag his heels on phasing out Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), and it's costing taxpayers tens of millions, says Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson.

"Last year the Minister stood in the legislature and told Ontarians that the wind-up would happen this year. Now he's telling us it will happen next year. Convenient that the Liberals are saving a good news story for an election year," said Thompson. "But the finances of Ontarians are not a game. Businesses in Huron-Bruce are feeling disheartened by the Minister's wheel spinning and the burdensome red tape from OTS. I've called for the phase out of this program on five separate occasions since last January, yet the Minister still refuses to act."

The tire tax collection organization has been plagued with scandal for the past 12 months, with allegations that thousands of dollars have been spent on luxury hotel stays and gourmet meals of elk steak for high level executives. Most recently, under the Minister's nose, $500,000 was allegedly stolen from the organization.

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"We say that the Minister has had an overwhelming number of reasons to initiate the phase out of OTS, yet hasn't. What is he waiting for? Under Bill 151 he was invested with the authority to begin the phase out at any point he wishes. How many more dollars will be spent needlessly; how many more allegations of wrongdoing does he need, before he takes action?" queried PC Critic for Environment Ted Arnott.

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Monday, February 27, 2017