Marine Heritage getting ready for another season at Chantry Island
by Sandy Lindsay

March 3, 2017

Out 'n' About

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Photos submitted by Don Nicholson

The town lends a helping 'heavy hand' ...

It's that time of year again when the Propeller Club-Marine Heritage Society begins to get ready for the annual summer season for Chantry Island.

Over the winter at the Boathouse in Southampton, maintenance is performed by the volunteers on equipment that is used to maintain the Island.

On Wednesday, March 1st, volunteers with the help of some heavy equipment from the Town managed to flip the Tilbury work boat over.  The little workhorse boat was cleaned and bears a new coat of paint inside and out in preparation of spring cleaning at the Island.

The boat will also be refitted with motor, gas tank, anchor, lines and safety gear and as soon as weather allows, the volunteers will begin to head out to Chantry Island to survey the work that needs to be done before the summer tours of visitors begin.

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The Island restoration and maintenance has been on-going since 1997, when a group of seniors named themselves the Propeller Club and began to make plans to restore the Island Lighthouse and Keeper's Quarters, working with the different tiers of government from Municipal to the Federal Coast Guard and Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans.

Thousands of visitors have now visited and toured the Island with the Chantry Island Tours, a group of committed volunteers who maintain the Island over the summer months.

 'Chantry Island' has now become a major tourist destination that has contributed to the economy of the  marine community of Southampton and region on Lake Huron.

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