Contract awarded for construction of Splash Pads
by Sandy Lindsay

February 27, 2017


Town Council

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At its Monday night meeting, Saugeen Shores Town Council awarded a contract for construction of the Port Elgin and Southampton splash pads to A.B.C. Recreation Ltd. at a cost (plus HST of $211,286 for Port Elgin and $142,013 for Southampton ).

According to a staff report, Staff has been working closely with the Port Elgin Lion’s Club Splash Pad Fundraising Committee and the Southampton Rotary Splash Pad Committee for the construction of two splash pads to be constructed in the Town of Saugeen Shores. As part of this process the Town issued an RFP for interested contractors to submit proposals for the design and construction of two splash pads.

The Port Elgin Splash Pad budget was approved at $368,000 for completion of a splash pad, trail development, washroom enhancements as well as landscaping.

The Southampton Splash Pad budget was approved at $150,000 which also includes pathways from the parking lot to the splash pad.

A.B.C. Recreation Ltd. was able to provide a cost saving as they were approved contractor to construct both.

The proposed budget presented in June, 2016 for the Lions Club Port Elgin splash pad was: Splash pad construction (and retention tanks) $231,571
Access trails extension and parking lot $ 35,450 Washroom Improvements $ 40,000
Water and Electrical Installation $ 15,000 Landscaping and fencing $ 40,000

 Total consideration $362,021

Southampton Rotary splash pad: Supply, build and commission $120,000 Landscaping $5,000
Connect to water/drains/irrigation $10,000 Connect to electricity supply $5,000 Fundraising/promotion etc. $2,000
Contingency $8,000

Total Project $150,000

To see more conceptual drawings (compliments of Rotary) ... Click Here.

The150 sq. metre pad will adopt a ‘Fire Fighting Theme’ in recognition of its proximity to the Southampton Fire Hall. The fully accessible design will combine the sensations of water movement in a ‘zero-depth’ play space that includes various in ground and above ground features that spray water in different patterns and directions, cooling off the visitors, ranging from toddlers thro’ to early teens, on those hot summer days. Used water from the pad will be recycled for park irrigation, streetscape watering and to replenish the Fire Departments Fire Trucks.

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Southampton's Splash Pad project is already well in hand given that detailed planning only started in the Fall of 2016. 

The pad will be located in the Rotary Jubilee Accessible Playground that was opened in 2010 with a pad always part of the original park design. 

John Conlin, Southampton Rotary Club President, said that "It's an exciting day for Saugeen Shores as we are now going to be able to complete our vision of building a splash pad at Jubilee Park and with Port Elgin's splash pad, children will have two new play areas by this summer."

"This is an awesome day as this is a culmination of several years of efffort by our club and community to complete Jubilee Park," said Ed Braun, Chair of the Accessible Splash Pad Committee.  "We were impressed with ABC's proposal and are looking forward to working with them in time to celebrate Canada's 150th and Rotary Foundation's Centennial."

Fundraising for the Southampton project is going well according to the Rotary Club.  Over $55,000 has been received to date, along with pledges.  Recognition pavers, a key part of the the fundraising campaign, currently stands at over 70 sold from $150, $250 and $500.  Rotary anticipates that their goal of $150,000 will be reached later thisyear.

Firm numbers are not yet known for Port Elgin's project.

Approved 2017 Capital budget of $30,000 for Southampton Splash Pad and $75,000 for Port Elgin Splash Pad.

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Monday, February 27, 2017