First Heritage Fair a hit with students and judges
by Sandy Lindsay

March 14, 2017


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PESC Heritage Fair 2017 Winners
(L-R) Tied for 1st place: Ashley Hilbers (Hudson Bay Co.) & Ethan Walsh (72 Summit Series), Madeline Mensher (Banting's Discovery of Insulin) and Aurora Jacobi (The Story of War Brides)

The gymnasium was filled with displays at the first ever Heritage Fair at Port Elgin Saugeen Central School on Thursday, March 9th and, for the 13 judges, it was a difficult task to come up with winners.

The only criteria for the students was that their subjects had to relate to Canada and, from there, they were only limited by their imagination.

From history to personal family stories and outer space to the hockey rink, the students researched their subjects and it was evident from their knowledge on their topics as they explained them to the judges.

Judge Kathy Samson of the Bruce County Library listened to Aurora Jacobi as she recounted the story of her great grandmother, a War Bride

Aurora Jacobi (Gr. 7) not only created a 'War Bride's Story', she also dressed the part.  The story was of her great-grandmother and how she left Scotland at the young age of 17 and traveled to Canada after World War II.  She articulately explained her grandmother, Janet Douglas Hume's history and how she arrived in Halifax at Pier 21.    Wise beyond her years, Jacobi said that "... it's important to pass on the stories of  family histories."  Judge Kathy Samson was impressed.  "You should be very proud of this family history and you are an extraordinarily well spoken".

Madeline Mensher (Gr.8) explains how insulin works and Dr. Banting's discover of it

Madeline Mensher brought her project of 'the Miracle Drug', insulin, from a personal familiarity with it.  Her stepmother is type 2 diabetic and, therefore, Mensher has grown up around the condition.  "It's been a part of our family life," said Mensher, who explained to the students how those with diabetes test their blood sugar levels.

Lily Van Geel's story is how her grandfather emigrated from Holland to Canada

Lily Van Geel's story was also personal.  She told how her great-grandfather, Jacobus Van Geel, was a farmer in Holland during World War II who helped Jewish people by hiding them on his farm.  When the war ended, he decided to emigrate to Canada, with farm land promised through a church.  On arrival however, the land had already been taken and the family was forced to work on other farms until they could afford to buy their own. 

Fiona Aiken (Gr. 8) was fascinated with historic Massey Hall in Toronto

Joey Ackert, a young hockey player, naturally turned his interest in the NHL into his project of upcoming hockey stars

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The judges came from varied backgrounds themselves and all agreed that it was a very difficult decision to choose top students as it was "... obvious that they had put a lot of time and effort into their projects."

Francesco Alpajaro explained her project of a nuclear reactor to judge Cam Porter

Francesco Alpajaro, whose father works at Bruce Power, knew her subject.  She explained how a nuclear reactor actually works.  "I learned something new here today," said judge Cam Porter, "and it's been explained very succinctly in a way that's easy to understand."

Having moved from Calgary, Kaleigh Stewart knew her subject of the Calgary Stampede and had her grandmother's authentic western hat to wear

Jack Van Geel's hero is astronaut Chris Hadfield and his project included a 'flight suit'

Zack MacEwan was interested in Canada's once famous Avro Arrow

Julia Bates' CN Tower project was complete with a replica of the Tower that she made

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