Fairy Lake and Bicycles


written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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To set the stage for comments on bikes and the path around Fairy Lake, please view the complete synopsis of the issue in the Saugeen Times Council article:


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and please review Al Murray's Letter


Letters Fairy Lake 'completely not suitable for cycling'  Read More

I can testify to Al's cycle knowledge.  I see him every day cycling and I know he and his wife use Fairy Lake for walking.

I use it for jogging.  Although the path is uneven and narrow, it is excellent for jogging because it is easy on the legs.  The slight rises and falls are just right for gaining some fitness.

I think I am qualified in knowing who uses the path.  I spent from April to October, eight hours per day for 5 months working outside at the Museum. 

I was restoring the Stokes Bay Lighthouse that had been moved to the outdoor exhibit part of the Museum overlooking the 'Little Lake'. 

In so doing I followed with my eyes and ears the visitors to the park and path.  My whole time there was magical with nature and peacefulness my sole companions.  The people on foot wended their way below me, so I could see and hear them.

Those using the park and path were:

  • Families with little children, strollers and such.

  • Those walking their dog on leashes.

  • Adult couples

  • Readers who use the benches to relax and be in solitude.

  • Musicians using the far end bench to sit and play their instruments.

  • Concert goers coming and going.

  • Children who observe the big and small turtles, ducks, swans and giant Carp

I even saw a minister who, I think, used the Little Lake regularly to restore his spirit.  He also strolled with some of his flock counseling them.

All this observation was a tableau of quiet and charm, sometimes enriched by playing children's voices.

I very seldom saw anyone using the park for cycling.  The path is too narrow and uneven and while not being challenging enough to attract mountain bikers of which we have many in the area.

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Children do not use the trail as an access to G. C. Huston via bike.  Anyone who has looked closely knows that they are cautioned by the school staff to not use the path coming or going.  In fact the fences and obstacles make using the path much, much slower than using the normal routes to the school riding a bike.

My suggestion?  Do the work scheduled for the Little Lake and don't make the path a racetrack.  Make the surface walk friendly, but don't fuss too much on groomed surfaces.  They don't fit the Little Lake and don't stay groomed anyway.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2017