A variety of activities over March break at the Visitors' Centre
by Sandy Lindsay

March 14, 2017


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Step one of the Dreamcatcher
(L) Gabriella Graham, Emma Baker, Hadley Pawlikowski, Abigail Bye & Evangeline Graham
with instructor Christine John

Bruce Power Visitors' Centre is hosting a variety of activities over the March break.

Each day features something different for young inquisitive minds.

Today, March 14th, the focus was on science and First Nation culture.

In the science group, it was all about understanding air pressure.

Working in teams, participants were given supplies and then had to use their imaginations to 'engineer' and create a vehicle that would withstand the pressure of falling.

Hillary Bromfield (L), Emma Stade and Esha Gill (R) took the winged approach that definitely worked well

Lucas Harris had an unusual but functional design
.  Rahil Osman's vehicle also withstood the drop test 


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For those who wanted something a little more creative, there was a class to learn how to make a First Nation dreamcatcher.

Christine John, demonstrated the ancient art form practised by First Nations peoples.

Learning to cut buckskin

Each day is filled with different and fun activities that begin in the morning and continue throughout the day.

Tomorrow is an 'Intro to Acting' for 3 to 10 year-olds put on by the Bruce County Playhouse.  In addition, there are films, puzzles, treasure hunts and exhibit hall activities throughout the day with refreshments and prizes.

The best part?  It's FREE!


For more information, visit www.brucepower.com

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017